Are we pecan your curiosity?

In 2015, James founded The Health Nutt with a dream of changing the health food game. What started as a home kitchen operation has since grown into a national business that stocks a niche handcrafted range of healthy, insanely delicious treats to more than 800 cafes Australia-wide.

Our healthy protein ball story started at a gym

Our founder James, is a certified personal trainer. And part of the ‘personal’ bit means getting to know your clients, what they do, who their family is, what makes them tick. So one day, when training a client who owned a fruit and veg shop, it came up that his wife had an interest making bliss balls to stock in his shop as well as local cafes.

Frustrated by the lack of healthy options available when having a coffee with friends James would often go without because as a personal trainer, he didn’t want to compromise on his food choices.

“Hello?” thought James, “this could be the solution I’ve been looking for.” And so began the story of The Health Nutt, a business that would totally disrupt the health food scene.

James sought a list of high-quality, healthy ingredients and asked his client to see what healthy bliss-ball options they could come up with. The result? Nothing short of spectacular.

Knowing he’d hit on something special, James brought a sales consultant onto the team and the unlikely crew set out to sell their handmade original Health Nutt protein balls through local cafes.

Our healthy protein ball story started at a gym
Over 800 cafes, and growing

Over 800 cafes, and growing

All killer, no filler

It’s simple, really, we make nutritionally dense products that taste great. There are no weird ingredients that you need a science degree to understand. We only include the good stuff like healthy nuts, cocoa powder, coconut oil, and high-grade pea protein powder. Any sweeteners are natural (but not too much, no-one wants a sugar crash!) and there’s absolutely nothing artificial whatsoever. That includes our colours and flavours which come from plants like beetroot.

You’ll never have to worry about sneaky nasties because everything is 100% vegan-friendly, gluten-free, dairy-free and soy-free. We only use 100% natural ingredients with no added preservatives.

And we have super high standards about the quality we deliver. Every product has to earn its place in our range. We’ve made some pretty good stuff over the years that has never gone beyond our kitchen – because only the best of the best makes it into our range.