Forget the dusty jar and stale biscuits - give your team a better option

Say goodbye to the 3 pm productivity slump with blood sugar friendly snacks

We know how important quality nutrition is to performing your best at work. Healthy eating in the workplace can improve concentration, mood, energy levels and self-esteem.

Yet so many office kitchens are stocked with low-quality, high-sugar snacking options or a sad fruit bowl with mushy mandarins and browning bananas.

Forget the dusty jar and stale biscuits - give your team a better option

The Health Nutt gives you another option

Forget the biscuit jar and try the protein ball jar instead. With quality protein, good fats from nuts and less sugar than conventional snacks, our protein balls give your workers a convenient snack that gives them a nutritional boost.

Healthy, nourished workers are productive workers. You can forget the mid-afternoon brain fog. And a better diet means a stronger immune system and less chance of picking up every bug that’s going around.

Wrapped or bare? The choice is yours

Do you want to say ‘no whey’ to unhealthy snacks? Great, our 100% vegan, healthier alternative protein balls can be delivered directly to your office in glass jars. We can also deliver boxes of our decadent raw slices for meetings or staff snacks.

Or if you’re looking for snacks you can keep in the office cupboard for when your team need a little pick-me-up, our pre-packaged range is also available. Stock up with a selection of energy-boosting protein balls and indulgent raw slices, ready to go for impromptu meetings, late night brainstorms or just because.

Is your workplace ready to join The Health Nutt tribe?

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