Terms of Agreement for online trading between THE HEALTH NUTT Pty Ltd (ABN 83604371913) and The user of this website (“You/Your”)
Your use of this Website and purchase of the Products is subject to these legally binding terms and conditions. Please read them carefully before proceeding with entering the Website. You must accept these terms and conditions to access this Website any further.

    1.1 By completing a Purchase Order, You are making an offer to purchase the Product at the price set out in the Website, subject to any subsequent notification of price by THE HEALTH NUTT PTY LTD to You in accordance with clause 1.5.

    1.2 Payment must be made at the time of submitting the Purchase Order. Payment can be made by credit card. THE HEALTH NUTT PTY LTD accepts Visa and Mastercard. You warrant that You are an authorised user of the credit card used to complete payment in accordance with this clause 1.2. Payment can also be made using PayPal. You warrant that You are an authorised user of the PayPal account.

    1.3 All Purchase Orders placed through this Website are subject to confirmation and acceptance by THE HEALTH NUTT PTY LTD. We will email you with confirmation of the receipt of Your Purchase Order, and then Acceptance by THE HEALTH NUTT PTY LTD will be upon Your receipt of the email confirming despatch of the Product in accordance with clause 3.4 and 3.5. THE HEALTH NUTT PTY LTD may reject Your Purchase Order, and refund any payment made by You, at any time prior to Your receipt of this acceptance by THE HEALTH NUTT PTY LTD.

    1.4 The Purchase Order must be paid in full immediately upon entry into the Agreement. All transactions are settled in Australian Dollars (AUD). If you are ordering from outside Australia for delivery within Australia, and your bank account or credit card is held in a different currency, you can still order by credit card – your currency will automatically be converted to Australian Dollars when you complete the transaction. The conversion rate varies from day to day with the current exchange rate. Many banks also charge a small currency conversion fee, contact your bank or credit provider for details. In some areas of the site, prices will be shown with an estimate of the price in your home currency. These converted prices are for information purposes only, to help you get an idea of the approximate cost of a product, and they may not be the exact amounts that will appear on your credit card statement. The final charge to your card is made in Australian Dollars and the ultimate conversion rate is determined by your bank or credit provider. Therefore we are not able to take responsibility if the final amount charged to your card differs slightly from the estimated conversions we provide.

    1.5 THE HEALTH NUTT PTY LTD may vary prices in the event of price changes or mistakes on reasonable prior notice to You. If THE HEALTH NUTT PTY LTD requests payment for increased prices, You may cancel the order by giving notice to THE HEALTH NUTT PTY LTD, which must be received within seven days of the announcement of the increase.

    1.6 The secure credit card payment system is powered by STRIPE Payment Systems. This Website is protected by SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption. SSL is a security device which ensures that any data which you enter into a secure area of the site is encrypted during transmission over the Internet. SSL utilises data encryption to create a secure environment for you to conduct your online transactions. In order for SSL to be effective, you must be using an SSL compliant browser (e.g. Safari, Google Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer Microsoft 3.0 and above). A solid key indicates that the document is encrypted, while a broken key indicates that the document is not encrypted. In Microsoft Internet Explorer, a solid padlock will appear on the bottom right of the screen when encryption is in use.

    1.7 Quantity in stock does not take into account the orders which are yet to be processed. It is possible that an order placed earlier will receive the stock allocation which was displayed at the time of your order. Inventory discrepancy can also affect the accuracy of the stock status displayed on our website.

    1.8 THE HEALTH NUTT PTY LTD reserves the right to limit the quantity of items purchased with regards to limited edition and/or exclusive products. The quantity per limited edition items currently stands at ONE unit per customer. It is a condition of this Agreement that you do not resell the Products to a third party.

    1.9 The use of cookies on this Website – this Website uses cookies to allow the web server to recognise you as a unique user when you visit. These cookies are necessary for the proper functioning of certain data access features on the site, such as the online shopping component. Cookies allow programs running on the web server to keep track of your order data and any options you have specified, such as currency conversion rates. The use of cookies is restricted to allowing the web server to recognise you as the same visitor to the Website each time you interact with the data-driven features of the Website. Though cookies uniquely identify you to the web server, they do not personally identify you, therefore it is not possible for us to determine your name or email address from the cookies we place on your computer.

    1.10 Expiry of cookies – the cookies that are placed on your computer when you visit the Website are known as session cookies. These session cookies originate from our web server, and cannot be accessed by any web server other than ours. Session cookies are temporary cookies which are necessary for the proper functioning of the Website. They automatically expire approximately 20 minutes after you have ceased viewing pages on our Website, and therefore cannot be used to recognise you on subsequent visits to the Website.

    1.11 THE HEALTH NUTT PTY LTD does not store or keep credit card numbers from online transactions. The last four numbers and the expiry date of your credit card number are kept by STRIPE Payment Systems for order verification and identification purposes only. While every endeavour is made to ensure every shopping experience with us is a good one, in the event a credit card is used without the holder’s authorisation, the card holder must notify their credit card provider in accordance with their reporting rules and procedures.

    1.12 The Website is owned and operated by THE HEALTH NUTT PTY LTD. This Agreement supersedes all prior agreements and may be revised by THE HEALTH NUTT PTY LTD from time to time.

    1.13 This Agreement must be read in conjunction with the Returns Policy and Privacy Statement. These documents form a part of this Agreement.

    2.1 You agree that You will use the Website in accordance with these terms and conditions and that You will not use the Website for any unlawful purpose.

    2.2 You will not violate or attempt to violate the security of the Website. You will not hack into the Website, THE HEALTH NUTT PTY LTD’s computer systems or the computer systems of other users of the Website. Hacking means unauthorised access, malicious damage and/or interference and includes, without limitation, mail bombing, propagating viruses, worms or other types of malicious programs, deliberate attempts to overload a computer system, broadcast attacks or any other method designed to damage or interfere with the operation of a computer system or website.

    3.1 THE HEALTH NUTT PTY LTD delivers to most destinations around Australia. Deliveries to overseas destinations currently not available.

    3.2 Orders placed within Australia or goods shipped to an Australian residence are subject to the Australian GST.

    3.3 THE HEALTH NUTT PTY LTD uses Australia Post and DHL Express to deliver Products outside of Australia. Delivery of Products within Australia is effected using AUSTRALIA POST and ARAMEX.

    3.4 THE HEALTH NUTT PTY LTD’s freight charges are fixed and based on the value of your total order.

    3.5 THE HEALTH NUTT PTY LTD will use reasonable endeavours to arrange dispatch of the Product within 5 working days of submitting the Purchase Order.

    3.6 Expected delivery times are:

    3.6.1 for international deliveries, 7-10 working days; and

    3.6.2 within Australia, 3-5 working days.

    3.7 The expected delivery times set out in clause 3.6 are estimates only. THE HEALTH NUTT PTY LTD will not be liable to You for any loss or damage You suffer if the Product is not delivered within the timeframes set out in clause 3.6.

    3.8 Please keep in mind that once your order has been dispatched THE HEALTH NUTT is not responsible for any losses or damages. It is the customers responsibility to follow the tracking information provided and contact Australia Post or Aramex to ensure the safe and timely delivery of your purchase. We will assist you in recovering an item to the best of our abilities, however, will not provide a replacement or refund until the item is returned successfully or confirmation that the item is being returned can be provided. We will refund the price to You, less any shipping costs incurred by THE HEALTH NUTT PTY LTD, and less relevant taxes and duties applicable to the jurisdiction from which the order was placed.

    We will of course abide by Australian Consumer Law in regard to products with any major faults.

    4.1 To the fullest extent possible, the limitation of liability and indemnity set out in clause 8 of these terms also applies to use of the Site by replacing the word “Products” with “Site or the Comment Function”.
    5.1 From time to time down-time, either scheduled or unscheduled, may occur. THE HEALTH NUTT PTY LTD will work within reason to ensure this amount of down-time is limited.

    5.2 THE HEALTH NUTT PTY LTD will not be held liable for the consequences of any down-time.

    5.3 Due to changing market forces and other extenuating circumstances that affect product availability and price stability we reserve the right to withdraw any product we advertise and change prices without notice. During sales periods, we may reduce items further. No returns, refunds or credits are available on the price difference.

    6.4 Information contained throughout the web pages and in our database is believed to be accurate and reliable at the time of publishing. There may be misprints, human errors, and omissions. We reserve the right to make changes and corrections in prices, products, and specifications without notice.

    6.5 Images displayed on this website should be regarded as illustrative and informational purpose only. We endeavour to display products as close to the physical colour/product as possible, but at times colourways (especially neon) may not be identical to the actual product.

    5.6 On LIMITED EDITION and / or EXCLUSIVE release products, THE HEALTH NUTT PTY LTD reserves the right to limit purchases to one (1) item per customer. Multiple transactions will be monitored.

    6.1 Reproduction of part or all of the contents in any form of the Website is prohibited other than for individual use only and may not be recopied and shared with a third party. The permission to recopy by an individual does not allow for incorporation of material or any part of it in any work or publication, whether in hard copy, electronic, or any other form.

    6.2 Unless otherwise noted, all materials on this Website are protected as the copyright, trade dress, trademarks and/or other intellectual properties owned by THE HEALTH NUTT PTY LTD.

    6.3 THE HEALTH NUTT PTY LTD’s trade marks on this site represent some of the trademarks currently owned or controlled in Australia. The display of these marks and of notices associated with these marks is not intended to be a comprehensive compilation of all worldwide proprietary ownership rights held by THE HEALTH NUTT PTY LTD.

    6.4 All rights not expressly granted are reserved.

    6.5 This Website may contain materials produced by third parties or links to other websites. Such materials and websites are provided by third parties and are not under THE HEALTH NUTT PTY LTD’s direct control and THE HEALTH NUTT PTY LTD accepts no responsibility or liability in respect of any such third party materials or for the operation or content of other websites (whether or not linked to this Website). You acknowledge that THE HEALTH NUTT PTY LTD is entitled to require you to remove any link from another website to this Website which you install without obtaining THE HEALTH NUTT PTY LTD’s prior written consent.

    7.1 You acknowledge that the Products require certain storage conditions. THE HEALTH NUTT PTY LTD will not be liable for any damage caused by any failure by You to maintain the proper storage.

    7.2 Please note that the Trade Practices Act 1974 and similar State and Territory legislation in Australia may confer rights and remedies on you which cannot be excluded, restricted or modified (“Non-excludable Rights”). Notwithstanding any other term in this Agreement, THE HEALTH NUTT PTY LTD does not exclude any Non-excludable Rights but does exclude all other conditions and warranties, whether implied by custom, law or statute.

    8.1 To the fullest extent permitted by law, THE HEALTH NUTT cannot be excluded is limited, at the option of THE HEALTH NUTT PTY LTD, to:
    1. in the case of services, the supply of the services again or the payment of the cost of having services supplied again; and
    2. in the case of goods, the replacement of the goods or the supply of equivalent goods, the replacement of such goods, the payment of the cost of replacing the goods or acquiring equivalent goods, or the payment of the cost of having the goods replaced

    8.2 THE HEALTH NUTT PTY LTD’s exclusion of liability applies whether the claim is in contract, tort (including without limitation, negligence) or equity and even if THE HEALTH NUTT PTY LTD has been notified of the possibility of such loss or damage.

    8.3 You agree that THE HEALTH NUTT LTD’s liability, if any, to You at law will be reduced by the extent, if any, to which You contributed to the loss.

    9.1 THE HEALTH NUTT PTY LTD will not be liable by reason of the failure in the performance of obligations under these terms and conditions by reason of strikes, riots, fire, explosions, acts of God, war, governmental action, or any other cause which is beyond THE HEALTH NUTT PTY LTD’s reasonable control.
    10.1 THE HEALTH NUTT PTY LTD reserves the right to terminate this Agreement at any time.

    10.2 Subject to clause 11.3, THE HEALTH NUTT PTY LTD shall not be liable to You for any cost, expense, or damages whatsoever for terminating this Agreement.

    10.3 If the Product has not been delivered to You prior to any termination of this Agreement by THE HEALTH NUTT PTY LTD, THE HEALTH NUTT PTY LTD will refund to You any payment You have made prior to the termination.

    11.1 The application of the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (known as the Vienna Sales Convention 1980) is excluded.

    11.2 This Agreement is not subject to any terms or conditions proposed by You unless those terms or conditions are expressly accepted by THE HEALTH NUTT PTY LTD in writing.

    11.3 Failure of either party to enforce any right it has under these Terms will not be construed as a waiver of those rights, nor limitation upon the party’s ability to subsequently exercise those rights.

    11.4 The Agreement will be made on THE HEALTH NUTT PTY LTD‘s acceptance of Your offer and will be, and is, governed by the laws of NSW, Australia, and the parties submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of New South Wales, Australia in any dispute or any matter in any way related to, or connected with, this agreement or any transaction contemplated by this agreement.

    11.5 Each party agrees not to object to the venue or to claim that the courts exercising jurisdiction in the state of NSW, Australia are an inconvenient forum for any dispute or any matter in any way related to, or connected with, this Agreement or any transaction contemplated by this Agreement.

    11.6 If any provision of the Agreement is held to be void, invalid or unenforceable, then the provision is severed to the minimum extent required, and the remaining provisions of the Agreement will remain in full force and effect.

    11.7 THE HEALTH NUTT PTY LTD may be notified by email at or post to The Health Nutt 2/25 Tramore place, NSW 2087 Australia.

    • “Agreement” means the terms and conditions that apply to the use of the Website which may be amended from time to time.
    • ” THE HEALTH NUTT PTY LTD “means THE HEALTH NUTT PTY LTD Pty Ltd (ABN 83604371913).
    • “Products” means the product that is specified on the Purchase Order as the product You wish to purchase pursuant to the Agreement.
    • “Purchase Order” means the online purchase order form to be completed by You in relation to Your purchase of the Product.
    • “Website” means internet website with the URL and associated websites.
    • “You” means the user of the Website (and “Your” has the corresponding meaning).